Centre Administration

ToxAware stores the Centres within your network in the Centre table.

Each Centre record has the following properties:

  • CTR_ID: Used internally to identify this centre.
  • CTR_NAME: Formal Name of this Centre.
  • CTR_TZ: Time Zone for this Centre – see List of time zone abbreviations – Wikipedia.
  • CTR_ADDRESS: Street or Mailing Address for this Centre.
  • CTR_CITY: City for this Centre.
  • CTR_STATE: State for this Centre.
  • CTR_COUNTRY: Country for this Centre.
  • CTR_POSTCODE: Post or Zip code for this Centre.
  • CTR_PHONE: Phone number for this Centre.
  • CTR_ACTIVE: Boolean value where 1 (true) is active.
  • CTR_INITIAL: Initial to prefix the case number with for easy identification. Leave blank for a single centre.