What is ToxAware® Cloud System?

Poison Information Centre Case Management System options: Record, Manage, and Analyze cases on any device, in a public cloud (i.e. Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud) or your private cloud (Intranet).

Can ToxAware import existing data without data loss?

Our legacy data import team has worked with multiple poisons centre software upgrades and can map your data to your new configuration in ToxAware. A list driven system provides flexibility and growth, with a simple interface and deletion protection to keep admins happy.

How does ToxAware ensure data safety?

Starting by securing all communication with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), every piece of data is inspected; plus, both the Sender and their status is verified as currently active. Stored in an industry standard database Microsoft SQL Server, encryption can be enabled from column to database, with transactions logged on the server and within ToxAware, providing audit trails and change auditing.

What kind of reports does ToxAware provide?

Our staff begins at the Centre level by offering custom report(s) which are determined by a summary of activities over a selected period. This report may include route, patient age, substance, time, and user. Many more custom options are available to bring funding to your Centre.

How do I know if ToxAware cloud is right for my Centre?

Any Centre can benefit from ToxAware! Data collection is improved which provides quality reports. Reduced desktop support makes happier users: plus, both the legacy and current data are available from one place.

Can ToxAware operate offline?

New cases can be entered in ToxAware and will automatically sync when the Internet is restored. Any cases open during the outage can continue to be managed and changes synced once the system is back online.

Who owns the case data in ToxAware?

All case data belongs to the Poison Centre. You can export your data at any time, with or without Private Health Information (PHI).

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is using a server in the cloud instead of your PC or a local server.

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