New year’s Greetings from ToxAware

Like any task you put your hand to, having the right Tools can efficiently and more effectively get the job done well.

Having a tool that can take care of other things in the future, while you are using it today, is also very beneficial.  This is what ToxAware’s software for poison centres has been designed to do.

Recording the everyday cases of a poison centre, while in the background building a secure database that can be called on to display information, provide data to stakeholders, inform public health, etc as required.  All in a pleasant Graphical User Interface (GUI).

We, at ToxAware, are proposing a New tool for the New year.  This tool will bring a harmonised data collection method (that looks good too) to the continually growing field of Poison Centres around the world.

So Happy New Year, all the very best, stay safe, and here’s to New things for the New year. 

Finest wishes

The ToxAware Team.