Data Migration

Your existing data can be imported into ToxAware with no data loss, as if it was originally created in ToxAware.

All legacy data (already existing poison case data) that you currently have doesn’t change. It will all be presented in a cleaner, faster and more accessible format.

ToxAware® has been designed with the understanding that all data must be kept true to its original inception. We can import your data, making cases viewable within ToxAware, reports and searches.

Data sharing with your parent, partners or government organisation maybe a requirement. The ToxAware platform allows for such a need to be easily implemented.

The conversion time frame depends on a number of factors. The existing data is mapped. A converter is created and the process begins. There may be data that has been stored in the wrong database tables, there may be data that hasn’t been entered correctly (spelling, syntax and invalid data) . These issues are resolved so data imports fresh and true.